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Architects of Change

Is there a way that allows everyone to benefit from our planet's riches without compromising our resources for future generations? The answer has been given by men and women from all four corners of the earth who have succeeded in creating new models for economical development. They have gone new ways to achieve sustainable and lasting growth for mankind and our planet. They are farmers, chemists, architects, doctors, tradesmen and bankers. These Architects of Change, are looking for and practicing innovative solutions which counteract the many threats to our future. Far from being political or economical militants, these Architects of Change are, above all, entrepreneurs. Our documentary series will be visiting this new kind of pioneers. They believe in a capitalism that can create social, economic and environmental wealth. They are not the only ones who promote such ideas, but they are the only ones who can prove that their ideas work out in day-to-day life.

Do not miss the new season of Architects of Change and follow the stories of 30 new social entrepreneurs on Ushuaïa TV, RDI, TV5 Monde and TFO.

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Architects of change

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Take a look at the Architects of Change series stills and witness unforgettable moments lived by the filming crew during their journey to every corner of the world!

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  • 25 August 2013

    Je suis une fan de votre émission et en parle à tous! inspirante et révélatrice de gens passionnés et impliqués partout sur la planète, elle ne peut manquer de nous toucher. Merci à vous!

    Josée Laberge

  • 21 August 2013

    The Future of Energy: Very interesting to learn the current progress in the various fields - fusion, algae, etc. Regarding lithium batteries, however, what is being done to address the greatest concern of potential customers for electric or hybrid vehicles - in my experience - was never mentioned. This is the short usable life of electric vehicle storage batteries. 8 to 10 years is not good enough, it kills the resale value of an initially already more expensive vehicle. A minimum of 15 years battery life is required, as the very high cost of battery replacement is a huge deterrent. I own a hybrid car, and regularly talk to people about hybrids and electric vehicles during my work. This battery life worry is always brought up.

    Paul Akerhielm

  • 07 August 2013

    C'est super!! Moi j'ai un projet de faire de la musique percussiv avec des bouteilles en plastique recyclées pour de la cohésion sociale et la joie Vous pouvez visitez mon site sur les bouteilles percutées wix....Bravo en tout cas!!!! Annie (bruxelles)


  • 26 July 2013

    Hello, I found your series Architects of Change in a cultural channel of my country, Channel 22. I was amazed comparative cases in various parts of the planet to solve various environmental problems. I am convinced that only by educating and sensitizing people on environmental problems and possible solutions we can effect real change and future. My husband and children are about to start a family of organic agriculture project and these events have helped us a lot to catch up on what has been already implemented in other parts of the world. We speak Spanish and need to know if any link can view all subtitled episodes. It is very important to us. Thanks and congratulations!.

    Laura Villanueva

  • 25 July 2013

    I am a big fan of your TV program, it is really inspirational to me and I am very interesting in supporting the efforts of those who are trying to change our reality into a better one, as a Lawyer in Mexico, I´d like to help intenational organizations to develop the ideas shown in the show in Mexico. Way to go!!!

    Ignacio Navarrete