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Using conditions

The Project Chrono application permits its users to include any visual or textual content and share information. Groupe PVP renounces all responsibilities concerning the accuracy, validity, quality or suitability of information posted by Internet users, whatever it may be.

If you wish to make use of this website, you must confirm that you are either the copyright holder or have been granted a license to reproduce materials. For legal reasons it is strictly forbidden to reproduce or redistribute, in full or in part, any materials for which copyright is not possessed or for which license has not been granted.

Groupe PVP is not responsible for any content (images, comments, texts, photographs, personal information, etc.) submitted by an online community of Project Chrono. In addition, there is no contract binding the users to the website creators.

Images submitted by Internet users must not contain promotional messages or logo advertisements. Any attempt to use the site as a promotional tool is strictly prohibited. Any images considered unsuitable will be removed from the website.

Groupe PVP cannot be held responsible for the publishing of any inaccurate, libelous or improper information. The creators of the site reserve the right to remove any content which breaches the Terms of Use, or if the validity, suitability or legitimacy is uncertain.

By submitting visual or textual content, the Internet users thereby authorize Groupe PVP to publish it on the Project Chrono website, without restriction. The published content will nevertheless be clearly attributed to its owner and under no circumstances will it be sold or reproduced.